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Green Guide

The Green Guide was developed by SUSTAIN to help students find their way around sustainable options in the area of Enschede. It includes vegan restaurants, second-hand shops, organic markets and more! Find it here!

Vegan Cookbook

The purpose of this booklet is to provide students with
simple, easy, healthy vegan recipes, making vegan meals more accessible to students.


Associations Sustainability Guide

Together with Greenhub, a handbook was created to help study & student association in their journey to become more sustainable! Food, promotion, finance, transport; it contains everything you can think of!


Geodesic Dome

From 2018, the garden on campus proudly includes a geodesic dome, built by SUSTAIN members. 

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Community Garden

Students can sign up for these mini-gardens to grow crops and flowers together. These boxes are on campus and full of biodiverse opportunities. YOU too can be a part of this!


Throughout the years, SUSTAIN has been collaborating with the Kick-In Boards to try to make the UT’s introduction week more sustainable!

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