Board of Sustain

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Current Active Board

Board IV

Board Member Position
David Oosterom Chair
Mrinal Magar Secretary
Ann Collet Treasurer & Internal Affairs
Freek Vercammen Working Group coordinator
Jordan Nikolov PR & Events
Ale Mulder External Affairs

Past Boards

Oscar Bradley Chairperson
Silas Nethe Project Manager
Jil Hötte Internal Events
Fenja Markeelau Treasurer & External Events
Aliyya Laksmiandari Secretary


Klaske Houtsma Chairperson
Nena Hendriks Secretary
Jorge Veciana Picazo Project Coordinator & Internal Affairs

(Picture above is together with Board I)


Panashe MangeziChairperson
Tracy ChepkorirSecretary
Dimitri von BenckendorffTreasurer & Project Coordinator
Carolina Pereira MarghidanExternal Affairs
Ishaan DesaiInternal Affairs
Aditya BansalEvents Coordinator